VR Group has a significant role in the Finnish society. Responsibility is at the core of our operations and one of our values.

For us, responsibility means taking care of customers, personnel, environment, safety, economy and procurement.

For the customer, the essential thing is to make sure the journeys are safe, trains punctual and communications up-to-date.

In terms of finances, responsibility gives a basis for our financial management. We operate in a high-quality manner and together with our business operations, we strive to create sustainable growth.

Responsibility is a daily task

From the personnel’s perspective, the key is to be a good employer. This also includes the constant development of management and supervisor work.

Procurement is responsible for the group making its procurements in responsible manner and makes sure that responsibility is also realised in choosing subcontractors and in their operations.

In safety work, the essential thing is to minimise safety risks and creating a culture of safety.

For environmental responsibility, the central issue is decreasing energy consumption and harmful emissions in all business sectors of the group.

At VR Group, responsibility is a part of daily actions and everyone’s work.