Responsible choices, every day

VR Group plays an important social role in Finland. Corporate responsibility forms the basis for our operations, as well as being one of our core values.

Our group's corporate responsibility refers to looking after customers, staff, the environment, safety and finance.

From the customer's point of view it is essential to take care of travel safety and train punctuality, as well as providing up to date information.

From the financial responsibility perspective, responsibility is the value that provides a sound basis for financial management. We work to the highest standards together with businesses aiming to create profitable growth.

Responsibility as part of the job description

From the human resources perspective it is essential to be a good employer. This also includes continuous development for the management and leadership. In safety work it is essential to minimise safety risks and to develop and promote a safety culture. In terms of environmental responsibility it is essential to reduce energy consumption and harmful emissions in all the Group's business areas. In VR Group, responsibility is part of our daily activities and part of every VR employee's work.