Supervision of dangerous goods wagons stationed on tracks in Finland's border stations

Service description

VR carries out supervision of wagons on behalf of the orderer when the transport company responsible for them leaves them at the border stations on the side of Finland to wait for their pick-up or for some other reason.

Locomotives owned by VR Transpoint and used for shunting by the staff will move the wagon(s) to the tracks indicated by traffic control of FinRail or the shunting yard guidance of VR Transpoint's railway logistics.

The supervision of the wagons is carried out by VR on the track mentioned above before the operation for the next transport company will start.

The service is available on the border stations of Vainikkala and Niirala.

Pricing model

The pricing model has been formed in line with the current situation: the staff in Vainikkala is in attendance 24 hr/seven days a week and in Niirala 10 h/five days a week.

For the supervision of dangerous goods, all dangerous goods wagons passing through the border stations will be charged. If the wagon will remain at the border station for a longer time in accordance with the customer's order for supervision, the charge is always made from the beginning of the day.

The price of the supervision service related to the dangerous goods traffic is €8.1/wagon/beginning of the day

The minimum charge is €33.15/beginning of the day (orders for 1-4 wagons)

Weekend extra Sat/Sun 50% / 100%

If a wagon under VR's supervision requires immediate measures without an order having been made, VR has the right to charge for the measures.

Agreement models

At the local office of the Railway logistics service centre, the customer (the next transport company) places an order for a supervision or shunting work.

The orderer of the service is responsible for the decision to leave the wagons standing.

The orderer of the service is responsible for informing the authorities.

The wagons must have an authorisation granted by Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi) in Finland and the Customs' AREX notifications concerning the consignment must have been made.