Riihimäki freight terminal

Service description

Storage and handling of goods in Riihimäki warehouse which has a 200 m2 office, 1,000 m2 warm space and surfaced yard.

The area has track connections to the side of the warehouse facility.

Pricing model

The pricing of the warehouse is based on the storage time, use of space and the agreed additional services related to these. Additional services include unloading and loading of goods, forwarding, packaging, support, labelling, etc.

In the pricing of the warehouse, general market-oriented pricing models are used regardless of the mode of transport.

There is no common pricing list for all warehouses: the requirements of the customer and the properties of the product determine the pricing in each case. The quality of the product, its rate of turnover and possible additional services form the basis for pricing. The pricing is affected by the quantity and length of agreement, handling of the goods, use of space, weight, volume, loading on top, temperature requirements, etc., which have a material effect on the costs.

The pricing will be stated in the offer, taking into account the season considerations and the degree of use of the warehouse.

Agreement models

The agreement model is based on the space required for monthly charge, storage and handling, use of IT systems and other possible additional services.