VR Passenger Services provide a diverse range of services for passengers

VR operates around 300 long-distance and almost 800 commuter trains daily.

VR ensures passenger services by rail. Restaurant and catering services provider Avecra provides additional services on trains and at stations. The bus service company Pohjolan Liikenne also belongs to VR Passenger Services. It operates some 80 express coach services and 5,000 city, local and long-distance bus and coach services daily.

VR's goal is to increase rail travel and to improve the customer's travel experience, for example, by increasing punctuality and through new pricing and better service.

The customer is key

Improving the customer experience is a key goal for VR. The most important reason given by customers for choosing train transportation is the comfort of rail travel.

Being able to work during the journey, having the use of a free internet connection on board and good restaurant services are all important factors contributing to the comfort of rail travel. Other important reasons given by passengers are that VR’s timetables meet the passenger’s schedule, fast journey times, convenient locations of the stations, and the safety of rail as a form of transport. Rail is for many also an eco-friendly choice.

Service through many channels

The online shop is VR's largest ticket sales channel. In addition, tickets are sold on the mobile store, i.e. VR Mobile, from ticket sales points at stations, vending machines, on board the trains themselves and via the VR Customer Care phone service. Tickets can also be obtained at more than 600 R-kiosks and 200 travel agencies all around Finland.

When developing customer service channels, VR utilises the proposals received from members of the Veturi customer loyalty scheme. The next versions of the services will in particular focus on making the service easy for loyalty scheme customers to use, and on the specific individual interests of the customer.

Veturi has attracted customers evenly from all around Finland and from all age groups. In customer surveys, Veturi members are themselves of the opinion that belonging to Veturi makes rail travel more interesting.